The Kitties' Club

TKC - A group for Cat Lovers and Their Cats

Welcome to The Kitties' Club!


The Kitties' Club was created in 2006 because of this little kitten who entered my life and turned me into a cat lover. That kitten, named Twix, touched my heart in ways only a cat lover would know.

 Even though Twix is no longer with me (Missing since April 08) She is my purpose behind The Kitties' Club; My reason and inspiration.

TKC isn't just a cat group, it's a Home full of cat lovers from all over the world; coming together to share their common love - Cats!


TKC has two groups!


One on Catster- (For Cats!)

One on Yahoo Groups - (For Owners!)
Join the family and keep TKC's Motto alive. .
"It keeps getting better and better!"

 Something to purr about!

Cats can shop, can't they? 

Check out TKC's newly designed store with new products added! It will surely get you purring!

 All products can be personalized with your own picture and added text!